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Our Services.

Committing Your Ideas to Code

London CTO provides full stack front and back end development to bring your app to life on iOS, Android and the Web. We're proficient in React Native, Swift, JavaScript and Python and select the best stack to suit the features you want. Our clients include:

An interest-based social network that includes private and group messaging, meetup organiser, friend finder and commerce engine

An Uber Eats or Deliveroo like delivery service with both a customer and driver app, map integration and routing service, order history and loyalty scheme

A database driven mobile and web media publishing app with the option for visitors to contribute to the content

An iOS and Android puzzle game with a tool that gamers can use to design their own puzzles

An iPad music game in the style of guitar hero with a music recording and annotation feature

Adding Technology Expertise to your Team

We help non-technical founders bridge the gap between design and delivery. With our 30+ years of experience in CTO positions across enterprises and SMEs alike, our services include:

Developing your digital strategy and product/service roadmap

Determining the ideal technology stack based on your current and future features and requirements

Documenting and communicating your technology roadmap and updates to key stakeholders

Presenting the technology component of your vision to your investors and board members

Advising the founders and senior management on market insights, tech trends and strategy direction

Giving your Brand a Home on the Web

No matter what platform your product or service sits on your web presence is your window to new customers and brand discovery. Using WordPress we work with clients to develop functional, beautiful landing pages and feature-rich informational websites that communicate your vision effectively. Examples of our work include:

An app that helps users discover the stories behind their favourite music tracks

A sustainable and eco tourism company where visitors can discover and book excursions and experiences

A recipe and cooking web app powered by WordPress which has handy ingredient order tool

A pre-launch and landing page for a social networking mobile app for book clubs

Building Your Team

Whether you're looking to grow your team internally or you're looking for a distributed contractor model, we sit right by you at the interview table and make sure your requirements are communicated clearly and that those needs are translated into proper job descriptions and marching orders. We help you select the most qualified team to suit your business needs and ensure that the proper communication channels and tools are in place for you to take your business forward with your full stack team on board.

Some of the tools, platforms and programming languages we use

Our Workflow.

We have been there. We have started out with an idea. We have raised the VC round. We have developed the MVP and then laboured through the first 1000 customers. We have developed native apps, web apps, custom apps, hybrid apps. We have made countless decisions on hosting and development stacks. Whether you're looking for a prototype or you're ready to launch your start-up, London CTO will walk you and your business through the four stages of development



We convert your ideas to wireframes. We help you answer the usability questions you haven't thought of and make sure your UX design is optimal for your use cases. We focus test with stakeholders and help you develop your brand identity and colour palettes and UI screen designs.



We develop your front and back end architecture, your data model and your optimal technology stack. We don't rely on 3rd party API packages or put your business at risk with trendy fads. We use old school software engineering principles to efficiently and effectively translate your designs into code that you can see and try out on your devices.



We get you market-ready by testing, testing, and then testing some more. We iron out usability as well as technical glitches and make sure your team is fully trained on running and maintaining the back-end operations as well as any customer queries that might arise.



We get you ready for the big release by preparing your submission materials for the various app stores, taking your databases live, preparing your meta information and managing the entire release schedule regardless of your platform. Post-release we work hard to maintain your app and continue to update and add features to keep your customers engaged.

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